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KStars Brand Story
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The world is full of brands, but this is not what women want, this is not what women need.
Women need a companion for a change. An up-close and personal complement that fits in a purse and goes perfectly with an ardent smile.
KStars whispers glamorously into the trendsetting world inspired by the Oriental divas and legacies, like an artist to a white canvas: an abstract vision seeing the light, a masterpiece taking shape and the final touches of a star-like signature.

Exquisite in its finishes, urban and bold yet sophisticated and flattering...
Being one of the top of mind brands for the biggest makeup artists in the region, while surprisingly competing with timeless rivals with legacy was not a coincidence. It came after years and years contoured with expertise smudged by research.

It was just like yesterday when our quest for the most natural and glamorous of looks right from the heart of the mesmerizing orient had to form the classiest of foundations for the sake of a woman-empowering establishment.

K, for Key to the ultimate better version of you.

Our flawless highlight? The simple fact that we strictly produce in the biggest houses of France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Canada and the U.S. while getting inspired by the aura of our Oriental muses.

K Stars was naturally overlined by the mastery forming its wide scope to reach every woman out there, not just the initial base of professionals it bloomed with. This is how dense and how intimate our path has been, for just a few years now, overtaking the massive majority of TV shows, sitcoms, movies and more, being the preferred brand of personas in the hands that give them all their gleam.

The company is heading in the near future towards another expansion in the Middle East, Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States; as well as towards an increase in seminars and training sessions to reinforce the company’s reputation for excellence and quality.